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Africa’s Talking Case Study

Grace Njihia, VP of Engineering

Grace Njihia

VP of Engineering

“I went from having a 10 person team to 30. I had no idea how I was going to be able to continue to stay connected and manage all my direct reports without sacrificing quality. Humble Dot saved me.”

The Company

Africa’s Talking
150 employees
Information Technology and Services | Developer APIs

The Team

30 employees (partially distributed)
Infra Engineers | Full-stack Engineers | Backend Engineers

Why Humble Dot?

For Grace, being a VP of Engineering means taking care of her engineers. Not only is she focused on making them productive, but she wants to have strong relationships with them and wants them to feel empowered. She’s friendly and values her employees and wants that to come through in her management style. Consistent 1:1’s are very important to her.

Keeping strong communication with the 10 reports was challenging but doable for her.  She would dedicate a full Friday to 1:1’s. When she went from 10 to 30 reports, she realized that this would be impossible to maintain and her life would be back to back meetings. Additionally, she was required to travel for her job, which made it even harder.

Benefits from Humble Dot

Enter Humble Dot. 🎉

Using Humble Dot, Grace is not only able to maintain visibility into what everyone is working on, but she can help her team with all of the other things that would normally come up during a 1:1: persistent blockers, personal challenges, career development, etc. The change was that the 1:1s would turn ad-hoc and she would be able to address concerns or have important in-depth conversations as they came up.

She particularly enjoyed the grid views because it made it fast and easy to see all of this in one view.

Why It Matters

Whether you care about retention, having a happy team, productivity, or connecting with your direct reports, 1:1’s are essential.  The more people you have reporting to you, the harder this is to do while keeping the quality high. Humble Dot helps managers build and maintain strong communication with their teams while saving them countless hours in 1:1s and status meetings.  

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