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Duetto Case Study

Shelly Correa, Director of Business Development

Shelly Correa

Director of Business Development at Duetto

“It’s really important for me that my SDRs feel that they are a part of the team and culture. Almost all of them being remote makes it incredibly hard. Humble Dot has really helped keep us on the same page and build stronger connections.”

The Company

150-200 employees
SaaS | Business Intelligence | Leisure, Travel & Tourism

The Team

Sales Development at Duetto
6 employees (mostly distributed)

Why Humble Dot?

Building a high‐performing team is hard enough. However, managing and motivating a geographically dispersed team and expecting high performance, is significantly harder.  

Shelly Correa leads a team of SDR’s that are in different locations. Not only is she challenged with a dispersed team but many of them are early in their career. Therefore, creating an environment where they feel like they are part of a team and can collaborate and learn from each other is extremely important.  They also require extra training and attention from Shelly which is also more difficult to do when they are all remote.

Benefits from Humble Dot

Humble Dot helped Shelly with this challenge in three main ways:

1- Team camaraderie and alignment – With the social questions, the team has an opportunity to get to know each other personally on a weekly basis.  They also are able to share and collaborate on their priorities, challenges and wins. Since the Humble Dot platform is automated, they never miss a week which builds team camaraderie over time.

2- More structured and impactful 1:1s – Shelly takes what they fill out during their team updates and 1:1 questions and uses it every week to kick start their 1:1s.  The rotating 1:1 questions that Humble Dot curated from best practices was also helpful in assuring that the 1:1s covered a range of important topics as opposed to going through the motions with a rigid structure.

3- Career development – The rotating career development questions are especially helpful for a junior team. Humble Dot helps Shelly assure that career development and learning is a topic that is often discussed.

Why It Matters

Teams are becoming more and more dispersed but that doesn’t take away the fact that employees need to feel connected to their team, manager and company. When things get busy, these are often times the things that slip which is bad for morale and employee retention. Humble Dot helps by automating the process of keeping the team aligned and strengthening the relationship between managers and their direct reports.  

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