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Announcing Holiday Scheduling

We’re happy to announce the launch of holiday scheduling! When a scheduled check-in falls on a holiday, simply create a one-time scheduling override.

Holiday notifications

If an upcoming check-in falls on a holiday, we’ll alert you in two places. The first is on your Home tab in the preview check-in card.

We’ll also let you know in your preview check-in notification – whether that be by email or Slack.

Creating a holiday scheduling override

Head to the edit check-in page and click “Reschedule this check-in only”.

You’ll see a new scheduling menu popup. Select the date and time you’d like for your next check-in to send then click “Reschedule”.

You should see that you have schedule override now! But don’t forget to click “Update check-in” at the bottom of the page or your changes won’t be saved.

Updating your holiday’s country

Each team has a country that determines what holidays you’ll be alerted to. We automatically set your team’s country to the United States but you can update it by heading to your team settings page and clicking on the country dropdown. Currently, we only support 56 country holidays but we hope to add more in the future.

Never let a holiday make you miss a check-in with your team again!

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