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Pipefy Case Study

Thomaz Coelho, Head of Customer Success

Thomaz Coelho

Head of Customer Success at Pipefy

“Humble Dot is helping my team grow closer to each other — as people and as coworkers.”

The Company

100–500 employees
Saas | Software | Task Management

The Team

17 employees — across 3 teams
Support, Implementation, and Customer Management

Why Humble Dot?

Thomaz’s team is growing quickly and will soon begin to disperse and he needs a way to routinely have visibility into priorities & roadblocks. More importantly for him, he wants to maintain strong communication while increasing the bond between team members. As the team grows, this will become more of a challenge.

Benefits from Humble Dot

  1. Stronger relationships within team members:
    Through the social questions, the team is able to get to know each other on a personal level. This will be increasingly important as the team starts to become dispersed.
  2. Solving communication problems:
    Thomaz can quickly tackle roadblocks for his team as they are consistently communicated to him on Monday mornings.
  3. Created a routine:
    With the Monday morning check-ins, it has now become second nature for the team to send updates which makes it easier for the right information to flow on a consistent basis.

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