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Replate Case Study

Katlyn Marchini, Director of Operations

Katlyn Marchini

Director of Operations at Replate

“I think of Humble Dot as preventative medicine. By having consistent and structured communication, we can avoid a lot of potential issues down the line.”

The Company

8 employees
Non-profit | Waste Management| Feeding the Hungry

The Team

6 employees across all functions of the company, distributed

Why Humble Dot?

Replate is growing and fast. As a leader in the company, Katlyn wants to assure two things: that everyone remains on the same page and that they maintain an open and positive culture. She was hoping that Humble Dot could help with these two objectives.

Benefits from Humble Dot

In the words of Katlyn, she loves Humble Dot because it:

  1. Keeps everyone on same page which isn’t always easy in a growing company.
  2. Forces the team to be reflective on a weekly basis.
  3. Facilitates important conversation topics that they normally would not have had.
  4. Provides a good outlet for issues — sometimes things are easier to write than spoken face to face.

Why It Matters

When companies are in a high-growth stage and everyone is extremely busy, it is easier for meetings and other modes of communication to slip through the cracks. This can lead to silos, inefficiencies and miscommunication. Humble Dot provides an automated way to keep everyone on the same page and facilitate important discussions.

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