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Announcing Time Zone Support

Many of our customers have remote and dispersed teams all over the world. We wanted to allow every team member to receive their check-ins in their local time. To that end, we’re happy to launch the ability to set custom time zones for every member of your Humble Dot team!

For Managers:

How to view and update your team’s time zone

You can view and update your team’s time zone by heading to your team’s setting page.

How to customize each team member’s time zone

Team members will automatically inherit the time zone of their team. If you want to set custom time zones for individual team members, just head to the team member’s page and click on the pencil icon for the member you want to edit.

From there, you’ll see a time zone dropdown. Just select the team member’s time zone from the dropdown, click save, and you’re all set! All future check-ins will send in each team member’s local time zone.

For Team Members:

How to set your time zone

Team members can set their own time zone by heading to their Account Settings. Navigate to the section labeled Change Time Zone and select your time zone from the dropdown.

Our mission at Humble Dot is to help build higher-performing and happier teams. As more teams become remote and dispersed, we recognize the importance of providing a tool that allows each team member to work in their own time zone. We hope this tools allows you and your team to communicate more effectively no matter where you are in the world!

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