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Zendesk Case Study

Jennifer Chang, Director of Program Management, Product Development

Jennifer Chang

Director of Program Management, Product Development at Zendesk

“Humble Dot has given me the ability to easily foster positivity, communication and alignment within my team on an ongoing basis.”

The Company

1000–5000 employees
SaaS | Enterprise Software | Customer Service Platform

The Team

Program Management for Product Development at Zendesk
13 employees (mostly distributed)

Why Humble Dot?

Jennifer Chang once learned from a coach that you can use positive psychology to train optimism and that regular expressions of gratitude can rewire the brain towards positivity.

Although her team was engaged with 1:1’s, staff meetings, and annual engagement surveys, they didn’t have a tool to promote team camaraderie and positivity on a consistent basis.

Additionally, since her team was distributed globally and in different timezones, building a strong team culture was even more challenging.

Benefits from Humble Dot

  1. Stronger relationships within team members — Through the social questions, the team is able to get to know each other on a personal level. Hard to do otherwise because of the nature of distributed teams.
  2. Increased morale — Consistently acknowledging each others’ wins on a weekly basis leads to an increase in morale and a happier, more productive team.
  3. More efficient meetings — With the weekly priorities and blockers, it is easier to cut to the most important topics in staff meetings. Additionally, allowing members to raise issues or ideas in advance, as opposed to on the fly, leads to more meaningful and efficient meetings.

Why It Matters

Jennifer’s team scored 4.55 (among the highest at the company) on the most recent, annual company-wide employee engagement survey. This not only indicates that she’s building a strong team culture, but also suggests that she will benefit from having high employee retention.

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